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Coup de vent sur les côtes, fortes pluies sur le Pays basque

by MeteoNews AG

Le régime océanique est bien en place depuis une bonne semaine sur l'hexagone. Il ramène avec lui de nombreuses perturbations pluvieuses bienvenues pour nos nappes et sols, mais aussi des coups de vent notamment sur les côtes, et de fortes précipitations comme sur le Pays Basque.

Stéphane Nedeljkovitch

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Stormy start to November with storm Ciarán in Western Europe

Tomorrow Wednesday, a big storm named Ciarán will form over the Atlantic under rapid strengthening, which will subsequently move over southern England to the North Sea during the night on Thursday and on Thursday, bringing gale-force winds of up to about 150 km/h in parts, especially in southern England and northern France, and here especially in Brittany. Associated with this are also in the western English Channel and on the west coast of France also high waves of over 10 meters in places.

Roger Perret


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