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weather weather: fair weather weather: heavy rain weather: fair weather weather: partly cloudy weather: light showers weather: fair weather
weather: rain weather: heavy sleet weather: partly cloudy, sleet weather: light showers weather: light showers
Temperature 13 °C 3 °C 5 °C 8 °C 7 °C 11 °C
2 °C 4 °C -1 °C 2 °C 2 °C 3 °C
Sunshine 7.9 h 0.2 h 4.3 h 5.5 h 2.9 h 7.2 h
80 % 0 % 40 % 55 % 30 % 70 %
precipitation <1 mm 20 - 25 mm 1 - 2 mm 1 - 2 mm 3 - 6 mm 1 mm
5 % 100 % 70 % 65 % 90 % 40 %
Wind 10 km/hwind direction: South 10 km/hwind direction: South East 5 km/hwind direction: South West 5 km/hwind direction: South West 5 km/hwind direction: West 5 km/hwind direction: North East
Gusts 30 km/h 30 km/h 20 km/h 20 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h
Freezing level 2800 m 1800 m 1600 m 2000 m 2100 m 2600 m
UV index 3 1 3 2 1 5
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Forecasts Valais

This end of the day, sunny weather despite a few cloudy banks in the mountains. Mild and very pleasant temperatures. This evening and night, calm weather and clear sky with some high sails under cool temperatures. Don't forget to set your watches back an hour!

Sunday, sunny weather despite a few high sails. Cloudy passages of medium and high altitude increasing at the end of the day from the west and some rain in the second part of the night (snow around 2000m of altitude). Pleasant and mild temperatures during the day.

Temperatures expected in the Rhône plain: lows 2 to 5°, highs 16 to 18°. In the resorts at around 1500m: lows 2 to 4°, highs 12 to 13°. On the summits: 4/9° at 2000m, -1/2° at 3000m.

A few puffs of foehn in the valleys and in medium mountains, moderate to strong south-west in high mountains.

(MeteoNews, 24 October, 3.00 p.m.)author: Vincent Devantay; Saturday, 24. October 2020, 14 Uhr

Next few days in Valais

Monday, very cloudy weather with frequent showers, especially in the morning. Lull at the end of the day but sky remained cloudy. Cool temperatures and snow from 1200 to 1400m altitude in the Chablais, rather 1500 to 1800m in the rest of the canton.

Tuesday, many cloudy banks in the morning and a few drops still possible at the beginning then passage to a fairly sunny weather. New increase in cloud cover at the end of the day. Seasonal temperatures.

Wednesday and Thursday, dry weather and on the whole partly or even quite sunny despite some cloudy patches sometimes widespread, especially in the Chablais region and on the right bank of the Rhône. Seasonal temperatures with maximums of 13 to 15 degrees in the plains.

From Friday and throughout the weekend, anticyclonic conditions and mostly sunny in all regions. Mild temperatures with maximums of 14 to 16 degrees in the plains, strong mildness in the mountains with also nearly 15 degrees expected in 1000 and 1500m of altitude.

Early November probably calm, dry, sunny and very mild, especially in the Vincent Devantay; Saturday, 24. October 2020, 14 Uhr

Sun & moon

valid in Liddes on 25. October 2020

Sun rise07:02 Moon set01:19 next full moon31.10.
set17:27 rise15:29 next new moon15.11.


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Latest observations

observation station: Bagnes (820 m)distance: 10 km
Temperature 2.1 °C
precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 3 km/hwind direction: South East
Measured at: Sunday, 25. October 2020, 05:00data source: MeteoSchweiz

Observation stations nearby

observation station Temperature distance
Great St Bernard Pass -0.7 °C 14 km
Les Attelas 1.5 °C 14 km
Le Tour 4.7 °C 18 km


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